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Guild Message of the Day - March 12th
New Videos are posted. Be prepared for Saturday!!

Bad Example News

By: Kinettik - April 13th

And another




By: Kinettik - April 6th

Another Boss Falls



By: Kinettik - March 30th

Megera and Ji-kun Fall


By: Kinettik - March 23rd

Damn Turtles!!!




By: Kinettik - March 9th

What a fun fight............


Not forgiving at all on 10 man. Good Job at focusing and getting it done. TY Ferg for staying online!

  • Chmmr: Pretty freaking great all things considered
  • Aphasion: They reduced the health on adds by 15% in 10 man lol. Thank you Oprah Winfrey and Tom cruise
By: Kinettik - February 9th

One Shot HM Guards! Feng Dead! 2/16 HMs. Elite Protectors dead! Progression is Good!


By: Kinettik - February 9th

Sha dead! On to HM's



By: Kinettik - January 12th

Garalon Down

By: Kinettik - December 31st

Headed to a new home!

After years of being at the top of progression on Drak'tharon, we have decided, with heavy hearts, to leave our server in hopes of finding a better home to fit our guild.

We have made the choice, after much discussion, to bring the guild to Bleeding Hollow!

So, welcome to our site. Whether you're just browsing through, or a player looking for a new home, we're glad to have you, and enjoy the stay!

  • Unholymang: YOLO
By: Kinettik - November 24th

Mogu'shan Vaults Cleared!

So, we have this raid leader, who for the sake of this will remain nameless, who "Forgot" to take a SS of the kill. So, with that said, the empty room will have to suffice..... for now.

And Massacre with the save....

  • Unholymang: um you're the raid leader tardo
  • Massacre: Hey, raid leader, why isn't this site on the wowprogress page?
  • Unholymang: that is one ugly ui

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